A notification RSS/Atom1 bot for Telegram2.
Quick and simple.
And free.

A hyperlink you can click on.

Some munin3 200x-s style charts just to give you a sense of reliability:

The bot is hosted on a server generously provided by AlpineDC for free.
(and before that, I had to ask for money on my patreon)

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  1. RSS is a content syndication thing widely used back in a time when there were more than 5 websites in the internet.
  2. Telegram is a modern instant messenger with a piece-of-shit architecture created by a guy who made his millions by copypasting Facebook and translating its interface to Russian, but then was raided by syloviki and felt into not-invented-here syndrome since then.
  3. Munin is the only monitoring thing I learnt in the past 15 years.