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A notification RSS/Atom1 bot for Telegram2.
Quick and simple.
And free.

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These are live, real-time munin3 charts. Hover your cursor or touch to learn more:

@rss2tg_bot update interval, day chart @rss2tg_bot update interval, week chart
How often the bot requests a feed for new posts.
There is no fixed value: the bot tries its best with the amount of computer resources it has.
The chart doesn't count users who enabled "slow mode" via /settings
@rss2tg_bot post sending rate, day chart @rss2tg_bot post sending rate, week chart
How much posts the bot sends to all users.
This is not a precise number of telegram messages. A long post could be split into multiple messages. Also multiple posts could be aggregated into one big message depending on /settings.
@rss2tg_bot statuses of fetching feeds, day chart @rss2tg_bot statuses of fetching feeds, week chart
Shows all kinds of troubles the bot is having during the work.
The most recurring one is websites throttling HTTP requests. This bot sends a lot of them, due to insane limits (500 feeds per user, or even 5000) and fast update rate (~5 minutes).
network bandwidth used by @rss2tg_bot, day chart How much of network bandwidth the bot consumes.
The current server (provided by AlpineDC) is limited to 100Mbps.
disk space consumed by PostgreSQL database for @rss2tg_bot, year chart The bot stores posts (and everything else) into PostgreSQL database.
PostgreSQL is quite horrible for the type of load this bot has (lots of updates), but the bottleneck is typically a programmer's skill, not a type of database.
Big steps are not some kind of DELETE routine, these are just VACUUM FULL.
The limit for the current server (provided by AlpineDC) is ~200GB.
count of active feeds being processed by @rss2tg_bot, divided by priorities, year chart Count of unique RSS/Atom feeds (not subscriptions) the bot has to process.
The "normal" group are the feeds supposed to be processed fast.
The other two have lower priority. These are feeds the bot failed to update for some reason, and feeds having only users who switched into "slow mode" via /settings.
telegram chats which use @rss2tg_bot, divided by types, year chart Types of chats having at least one subscription.
The last number is the union of users either: subscribed in private chat; added the subscription in a groupchat; own the channel with subscriptions. So it's a number of people who control the bot, not a number of total readers.

The bot is hosted on a server generously provided by AlpineDC for free.
(and before that, I had to ask for money on my patreon)

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  1. RSS is a content syndication thing widely used back in a time when there were more than 5 websites in the internet.
  2. Telegram is a modern instant messenger with a piece-of-crap architecture created by a guy who made his millions by copypasting Facebook and translating the interface to Russian, but then was raided by syloviki and felt into not-invented-here syndrome since then.
  3. Munin is the only monitoring thing I managed to learn during the past 15 years.